New Creation has three youth groups: Navigating Stars (find out more info under the Junior Youth Tab), God Squad (Open to youth in 6th and 7th grades) and K.A.O.S. (Krazy and Otherwise Saved. . . . Open to youth in 8th to 12th grade).

All of our youth groups are open to all youth, members of New Creation or not. We are a social group that promotes Christian values and have a lot of fun things coming up!

Some of our many activities include: 30 Hour Famine, Community outreach, Camping with Christ, Haunted House fundraiser, attending National and Conference Youth Events, Creationfest, Lock ins, retreats and lots of fun meetings and activities. We generally meet every other Sunday evening. A calendar can be found on our website to assist you. We hope you will consider joining us! Please email any questions to:

To participate please print the Youth Activity Registration Form, fill in the requested information and return to the Church office.

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