New Creation UCC has 37 graves available for sale at the Northampton Memorial Shrine.

The graves are available for sale to any interested party and you do not need to be a member of New Creation UCC to buy graves at roughly 45-55% off list price. You may purchase individual graves if desired or an entire six grave plot. We have 4 graves in Section A in the far southwest corner of the cemetery. There are another 3 in Section E toward the northwest end, and the balance of 30 in Section H. H is located between Green Pond Road and the driveway along the southeast corner. We have approximate locations and the personnel at the Shrine will be happy to show you the specific plots upon request. The prices vary with each section: A- $2000; E $1400; and H $1200. The Shrine also charges $100 to issue the new deed.

If you have an interest in a grave purchase, please contact Craig Hill at 610-258-5708 for more information. Craig can provide the plot and grave numbers and can then make arrangements with the Shrine Office if desired to view the specific options.

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